Runaway Graphics is a specialty design business that meets the marketing and design needs of small business by acting as a ‘one-stop-shop’.  Being a small business owner can be demanding and overwhelming.  Building a successful business requires marketing, design and branding assistance from numerous providers.  However, negotiating multiple professionals is both time-consuming and expensive.  Time and money are often in short supply when operating a small business.

Runway Graphics endeavors to offer more than just powerful and successful design concepts.  It provides a vast range of services covering logo design and branding, print media, digital content and social network setups, website design, professional photography, copyright and content creation, visual merchandising, and interior design.  

Runaway Graphics is the passion of seasoned creative, Brent Dakis.  Founded when he was just 15 years old, Runaway Graphics initially offered basic website set-up and logo designs for family friends. Now, 15 years later, Brent has refined his skills and knowledge in the design industry to provide a truly unique product as a personalised experience to his clients. 

Brent's graphic design expertise is enhanced by his broad range of experience in business operations including:  co-owned and operated retail store 'Limerence' Boutique; co-conceived, developed and coordinated 'The End of the Line' arts and music festival; and as Marketing Manager played an integral role in promoting The Skylark Room at Burrinja Cultural Centre.  This background enables Brent to provide individual and intimate mentorship and assistance to small business clients as they traverse their (often challenging) path to success.

Branding, promotion and design can be exciting, cost effective and exceptionally beneficial if you approach it with the right people and the right attitude. 'Vacate the Obvious' and ask how Runaway Graphics can help your small business, creative/musical group, or project stand out from the crowd.  Get in touch to have a chat about your vision or aspirations at


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